Clippers trading for gallinari

By: Java

Who has to be a restricted fa or they wouldn't give up so much. They are trading Jamal Crawford. 6th man of year and free agent. So I assume they are both doing sign and trades Clips also giving up a first rounder. And diamond stone. Basically all the clippers are giving up is going to the hawks. So I'm not sure who is going to the nuggets. It means the clippers may have the best front court in the NBA and at 1.5 white guys perhaps the whitest. More seriously. Paul gone. RedDick gone And now Crawford gone. Serious? Wonderful they will have a great front court but other than Austin rivers who is going to play guard? They already traded Eric Bledsoe awhile ago and had no first round draft pick. I'm confused. The clippers are a great half team :-)
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