Guy on ESPN ripped on Danny Ainge

By: Java

Last night.  Saying he has done nothing as GM.  Complete waste.  Said he hasn't drafted a player to make the All Star game.  That Heyward would be the first decent player signed as a free agent, and even he isn't a Top 20 guy.  Seemed a little extreme.  Said Ainge is in love with a million guys who fill the SG-SF spots and the team is overpopulated with them.  And that Heyward only went east because the West is so strong and overloaded.  The east so weak and feeble that even the pathetic Celtics can challenge the Cavs if LeBron begins his downward trajectory due to age.  He didn't think this changed Cleveland's superiority though.  And that the top 14 players except Lebron were all in the West.  Dude was surprisngly harsh to me.  

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