I'm thinking if you're the Celtics

By: Java

Or the rebuilding teams further behind like la? You're shooting for the summer of 2019 That's not that far away. Two years. I think you'll see enough changes by then and even some aging by gs that teams who are ready to peak then will enter their window. Problem is what to do if your window is now Because these days in any sport the window is about 2-4 years long. Warrior may last longer with the Durant addition. Patriots have been amazing. But typically if you're lucky you have a window of maybe 2-3 years to compete. Celtics had that about a decade ago. Lakers had a small window of 3 years post Shaq. Broncos had about 3-4 years w manning. Luckily for all of those teams they were able to cash in with a title or two. Cleveland and Boston appear to be in opposite edges of that window to me
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