Conspiracy, fraud, & wire fraud.

By: Dr. Spock

Bland and the other coaches have been charged with 1. Conspiracy to defraud the US Government, 2. Theft or Bribery involving a program getting US funds, 3. wire fraud, and 4. attempted conspiracy.

Basically, the coaches were steering Adidas' money to specific players or the players' families to get the players to attend an Adidas school in the hopes that the player would sign with Adidas and other financial investors once they turned pro. 

The Feds are claiming jurisdiction because all the schools involved receive federal money.  The players get scholarships to go to the schools.  By giving the scholarship player the Adidas' money, the coaches are de-frauding the schools (and a Federal program) of the scholarship money they gave to the players, because the players are no longer eligible.  They are also claiming that this is theft, because the schools in the Federal program lose the scholarship money.  The wire fraud and conspiracy charges are then obvious.

It's an odd approach and I don't know if it's worked before but the definitiions of fraud, bribery, and conspiracy are usually extremely broad.  My guess is they don't really plan on proving all this in front of a jury, they just want to use the threat of federal crimes to get coppearative witnesses in exchange for light sentences.  Let's face it: anyone charged in this is done with coaching.  Their careers are over.  What else are they going to do but flip?

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