the complaint says cW-1

By: crunchgodabruinknees

2Based on my participation in the investigation, including my

debriefings of CW-1, I am aware that CW-1 ran a business

management firm that primarily serviced professional athletes,

as well as a registered investment advisory firm that provided

investment related services to CW-1's clients, including

athletes. Information provided by CW-1 has been corroborated by,

among other things, recorded conversations, electronic

communications, and surveillance by law enforcement. CW-1 began

cooperating with the Government in or about November 2014. CW-

l's activities described in this Complaint were conducted at the

direction of law enforcement. In or about September 2017, CW-1

pleaded guilty to securities fraud, wire fraud, aggravated

identity theft, and making false statements pursuant to a

cooperation agreement with the Government. On or about May 6,

2016, CW-1 agreed to settle civil charges filed by the

Securities and Exchange Commission relating to CW-l's violations

of certain securities laws.

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