Years ago when I used to talk to

By: Java

Folks inside USC? They talked about the Aau circuit. This was like early 2000s. USC sucked and they really weren't plugged in to those top adidas Nike converse Aau teams. I remember my source specifically mentioning the pump bothers. No clue who they are. Look them up Guy was like. This is taking over college basketball. You'll see. It's all gonna be run by the shoe companies. And we'll look where we are today. At the time the top programs were plugged into these kids. Now. Did I think kids were being paid and by whom? Dunno. Did I know anything about Ponzi schemes and steering players to agents? Notnin detail. What I have known is that the shoe companies control the travel ball circuit. I know the shoe companies steer top players from teams they sponsor to schools that use their product. I know shoe companies pay the coaches and kids get a lot of freebies. I know college coaches rub elbows w all of them. So yeah. I knew where the dirt came from. Fro The summer leagues and shoe companies. Did I know names and all these sordid scenarios and details? Nope. But it's like travel baseball. Top players no longer come from little league and regular hs. They're all in travel. So it's no surprise to see them rise from those ranks.
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