Lavar ball pulls lamelo from chino hillls

By: Java

This guy is unreal. Pulling a power play. Upset that the principal hired a coach who won't let Lavar run the team. I really thought it was something else but read daddy balls comments. It's amazing So the kid will play aau. Still go to ucla and be home schooled. If you ask me this looks like Bryce Harper all over again. I know ball is mouthing off about the coach and the principal. I suspect he wants the boy to get his ged or his his diploma after this year. Then either play at ucla a year early. Play Europe a year. play Jc or play aau and sign all sorts of endorsements. I may be wrong but he may be trying to accelerate the clock on lamelos earnings. See. The NBA requires you be out of hs for a year to be drafted. So this may be a ploy to speed it up. Bryce got his ged after his soph year. Then went to jc for a year. You can be drafted in MLB if you are either a hs grad or after one year at a Jc not sure if ged counts but Harper sped his clock that way.
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