The 10 worst contracts in the NBA

By: Java

And my my my. Lol who was responsible for not only the worst but the third worst. Both achieved within a few short weeks of reach other. truly a Remarkable accomplishment by cupcake and the drug addict I might flip those two One could argue mosgov is worse. No clue why the mets agreed to take him on unless the lakers agreed to pay part of hat deal. Like half or more. Here's the amazing thing. Those contracts are so bad. So awful. So much of an albatross. So legendary. And guess what? They're only one year old. They've got THREE to go!!!! The gift that keeps on giving. Why does it feel like 5 years already? Because I like most free agent signings. Who become busts a year or two in. Or who you realize aren't gonna fulfill their potential maybe halfway through the season? These laker signings were awful from The minute they happened. We got to agonize over how jimmy the idiot and cupcake killed the lakers for 5 months before they even played a game. Then the season was one long root canal. I'll post the article as a follow up here. I've ranted too much and on my phone here I can't use theboaragraph key. All runs together
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