Lakers should trade Julius Randle

By: Java

Guy is in season 3. Still very young. Should be a college senior Huge upside. He started 73 games last year. Averaged 14 points a game. 8 reb. But his value is about to plummet We are in a new season. He is a restricted fa so a team couldnhave him this year and next. With total control. Larry nance has supplanted Randle and is the more traditional power forward But lakers are in love with Kyle Kuzma and there’s also Brandon Ingram with allegedly Paul George and or lebron on the way. That’s too many forwards. Nance is the more traditional 4. Kuzma imo is a 3. And Ingram doesn’t know what he is lol. If Randle stays where he is he will be buried by nance and kuzma on the bench and lose value. Trade him now and you could get a draft pick that perhaps could be a mid first rounder. I’d take that Lakers have no draft picks coming up and could use one
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