I would think the sooner they

By: Java

Dumped him the more they could get.  Right now people view him as a 3rd year player who averaged 13 and 8, and who can maybe take his game to an Elton Brand level.  In reality, by the 1/3 or 1/2 mark people are gonna be like "WTH? The dude is averaging 5 points a game in 15 minutes off the bench?"  Instead of letting him rot on the shelf, they really should try to get something of value.  Expiring contract?  Nah.  His is expiring already.  Get a pick.  The guy is young, he's playing great and some hought he might be a bordlerine All Star this year.  NOT  But I was hoping they could flip him ora first rounder.  You can't afford to waste talent.  They got Kuzma for Russell.  And got Lopz thrown in.  That's pretty good.  To bail out on a 2 pick and get Kuzma?  Lucked out there.  Got to try ti ge value for value.  NBA gives up on guys way too early, and hope they dont do that with Randle.

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