Bobby the groper

By: John55

The reason he used to get so angry is that his pride couldn't take the realization that other coaches were better than him. He won 2 tournaments and lost about 20. He looks at the record book and cannot accept that Wooden was a better coach. Bobby the groper doesn't know what he's talking about. Anyone familiar with Sam knows that he wasn't a bag man. Nobody, not Walton, not Alcindor, nobody player has ever said that Sam gave them money to attend UCLA. In Seth's Davis' book he makes it clear that Alcindor and Allen were going to transfer to MSU because they wanted to be "taken care of." At the time Sam was healing a former NBA player transition to business and the former player introduced them to Sam. They got clothes at big discounts or free and free meals around town. The groper leaves out the fact that Indiana has rabid boosters. Anyone investigated by the FBI for groping should crawl into a hole and keep his mouth shut. Alford won that natty for him. Tom Benson won the other one.
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