Bobby Knight interview

By: Java

Same one but reported by fox. This is why Bobby Knight is a butthole And deserves to die. If he’d just kept his mouth shut and broadcast games he could have ridden j to the sunset as a funny old curmudgeon who uses to coach and was out of step with the times. Instead the buttwipe actually justifies grabbing students. Putting them in a chokehold. Asaaulting people for addressing him as knight rather than mr or coach or your grace. This guy shows here he hasn’t changed. The same anus who threw chairs. Berated reporters and refs. Beat up his players and attacked students still thinks it was ok. Because he won some games. And that in knights word makes him a hero. As to his attack on wooden, what a brave man going after a dead coach Since knight couldn’t beat him or top him on the court? Why not. Might as well spit on wooden grave. Knight is jealous because he fancies himself as the greates coach of all time and wooden holds that mantle. Worse yet wooden is a Purdue man and knight was forced to suffer for 30 years at that hellhole in Bloomington. If you can’t go to college go to IU
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