USC corrupt player identities

By: Java

Appears that de anthony Melton is one of the two. The other was 17 I’m august and the term rising freshman thus must mean incoming freshman for 2018. Anyone know the age of that kid who derecommitted from usc? I’m thinking maybe it’s him. Dawkins was paid $4,000 at an la restaurant and the meeting was with the fbi Informant but also the plAyers relative Dawkins took the envelope of cash and walked off with hebrelarkce. That indicates to me the kid has been paid. Little surprised bland who made $300k at usc would jeopardize all of it fkrna bribe of $13,000. I am thinking that’s just one of many many he took and the only one where he got caught. Looks like Melton for $5,000. And the plan is or was for Melton to enter the nba draft after this year. Considering the free shaman year he had that is quite a leap imo
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