I didn't make up anything

By: crunchgodabruinknees

You misstated the value of PUT options declining then and again today. You obviously don't know what a put is.

  • I bought and nearly instantly sold the shares using the puts I had purchased.
  • I sold at higher than the market price at the strike price I paid to have under the puts.
  • the net proceeds of $23,408.00 deposited into my account after paying for the puts and shares can be ignored

Retail is in the crapper. UA got sucked into it through retail bankruptcies including Dick's  Sporting Goods. Since I wasnt born with a silver spoon in my mouth, Ive had to build up my capital carefully. when I invest I understand the orbiting relevant issues, LIKE WHO ARE THE COMPANY'S customers. Their dying retaill customers and stupid endorsement deal is part of that.

UA's contract with UCLA stretches out for years. Some people think that CEO that bought three lousy connected fitness company for $710mm is failing. The rating agencies agree with my assertions about UA having serious issues-junky.

My post pointed out the connection between retail and Under Armour. It's a valid connection. Its a bit abstract  to understand that they sell to the retailers not consumers. Consumers drive demand but they don't buy from UA; the retailers do.

UCLA's idiotic endorsement deal got me started on watching this dog, now with a junk bond rating.\

You need to start on #4, cuz you seem real crabby. Is #3 pissing you off right now.


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