I am amazed at your flexibility

By: Java

Being able to shove your foot in your mouth while simultaneously having your head buried in your rear. You’re lying about outnoptions. And embarrassing yourself Would you like anesuction I’m how they work? Clearly you don’t know. And unless ua had a momentary bounce and you were trading 30,000-40,000 shares you were playing w fire and netted yourself pennies. When a stock price falls, so does the value of the put. If you own a put it means you have the right to buy the stock at a strike price. So if the stock were at $5 and you bought a put for $7 then the price goes to $3? Value of that put fell. Further, if you bought a put at $3 then you paid $2 is a small premium depending on timeline and strike date. If the stock price falls to $3 that $2 spear just went away so again. The value falls. As you were celebrating the avalanche as you say of ua price you certainly weren’t making money buying puts on the thing. You might have made money if you bought calls but to play in that end of the pool you usually need to be a level 5 options trader. Which I am. And know what you’re doing. Which you apparently don’t
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