Sure, we're NIKE's flagship school

By: LA Duck

I get that and am quite proud of that.

But when you really look at it, who has Oregon landed (other than Troy Brown from last year--whose parents are both correctional officers.....probably not the most likely family to be getting some payola) that was highly ranked in the past 5-10 years?

Compared to Arizona or Washington, Oregon doesn't really land the blue-chip recruits.

Luckily for us our coach is just that good to mold solid teams from 3 and 4-star talent....

But we'll see....Oregon could definitely still be implicated...just like much of the p12.

BTW, we lost out on RJ Barrett today to Duke.

But are still very much in it for 5-star Bol Bol (it's between us quacks and Kentucky).

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