Andy has all of the pieces for very good team


The extra year made Metu into a force.  McD has learned to pull up on his drive and bury the floater, great improvement from his offensive  fouling.  Thorton has elite status written all over him.  Boatwright still plays matadoe defense.  The Polack from Chicago has much needed experience.  Melton's defense is really needed.  Even Andy has learned.  He now puts players on the line when we are shooting free throws.  He showed a pressing defense, they still do npt know how to double team trap and cover the passing lanes.  What Wooden would have done with this level of talent.  SC will be as good as the defense.  OBannion will regret coming to SC as playing time will fall offf.  Andy has enough depth to play full court pressure defense, if he knows how.??????    

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