They're back!

By: Rodeo Trojan

The China Three, the three UCLA players who were arrested for shoplifting in China are back, with the charges dropped.

IMO nothing much will happen to them, since at UCLA "Rank Has Its Privileges" and these are "student-athletes" (to use the Bruin phrase for important athletes). If just an ordinary student were involved in this, that student would be on his/her own, kicked out of the school for their behavior. But these are not ordinary Bruins, they are "student-athletes", and that makes a difference.

In the article it mentions that while on his visit to China, President Trump interceded with Chinese President Xi and the Chinese President would see what he could do. Ironically, the Bruin basketball cause owes Trump one.

Imagine that, the Liberals running the Bruin Athletic Department owe President Trump at least a thank you.

Will there be "Make Bruinville Great Again" hats at their home game with California?

How about Donald Trump Bobblehead dolls?


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