Ucla players proper punishment

By: Java

Since they avoided 3-10 years of prison time. Since they were caught on camera. Since they stole from their hosts and ruined a goodwill tour. Embarrassed their country. Their school. Their coach. Their families. Their team. Their race. Since they had to be apologized for on behalf of the entire human race by Bill Walton? I am thinking one year suspension. Especially given they escaped jail. One year. What I don’t know is if they should be allowed to accept and keep their scholarships this year or have to pay. They should not play hoops at all this year. They should not be allowed to transfer to any school and play this year. At any level. None should be allowed to enter the nba until the following year. In other words their clock out of hs has not started yet. They need to actually be students for a year. Obey the law. Humble themselves and live respectfully. Their crime was one of arrogance. Disrespect. Entitlement. It took many ucla officials Conference officials and even the supposedly racist us president to free them. For them to just move on and play hoops in a week or two like nothing happened would be wrong. Lot of people worked together on their behalf to help them avoid a terrible fate. I know how Chinese prisons are. I saw Batman begins. Would not want that life for 5 days much less 5 years If it is true that ucla suspended them for only 5 games then I honestly wish they’d have left them there. These kids. Their teammates and ucla will only have learned that race and crime pays
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