Give Bruinland credit

By: Rodeo Trojan

They must have better scriptwriters than the daytime dramas.

They don't always have the most class, they certainly don't always compete well, but their drama

is riveting.

In the latest episodes, three Bruin basketballers decided it would be fun to shoplift while the Bruins were

in China. They get caught and arrested, being kept in a hotel. The Bruins win their game in China without

them. The President of the United States intervenes with the Chinese dictator. Although the players could

have been held in China, first for months waiting for the Chinese justice system to run its course, then

possibly serving several years in prison. Their actions were caught on surveilance cameras. However the

dictator comes to their rescue, sending down the command to drop  the charges provided the players

leave China.

The players come back, give a scripted press conference.

They are suspended for an "indefinite period".

Now for the next episode, tune in later to learn how long "indefinite" really is, whether these players are

demoted to "regular student" or allowed to remain as "student-athletes". Will the UCLA student chapter of

BLM demonstrate.

Even a Trojan has to appreciate the soap opera that Bruinland provides.

Nominate them for a "daytime Emmy award" for "Most intriging dramatic series".

This does take attention away from their Saturday afternoon show "The Quest for the Mushroom Throne"

featuring star contestent Mora.

Westwood, the soap capital of California!

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