Nah they had a white shooting guard

By: Java

Who was valued. Jj reddick. Think he went to Philly but haven’t seen him play much. I don’t know who else left. Wait. Jamal Crawford left too. But they also signed a top big man and then gave the starting pg job to Austin Rivers. Which hasn’t worked out well. I think the biggest problem is handing over club leadership and alpha dog status to Blake griffin Max contract. This guy is a paper machet superstar. Can’t believe a team as analytically and data driven as the clippers could possibly invest so much in the nbas most overhyped worthless superstar. But when doc rivers is putting together the team that happens. Rivers saved them from a black out boycott after sterlings racist exist. The clippers owed him. But now that it’s been a few years and rivers has fulfilled the Peter principle they have to get him completely out of personnel Because he’s messed up the club. They had a window. They had extreme talent. Top 4 talent. And they blew it Not sure they have any trade bait at this point
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