Melton’s lawyer turning up the heat on Usc

By: Java

She is releasing videotape of the whole incident to the la times and the times ran a blow by blow run down of the 8/31 meeting. Apparently she got security footage. Including guys climbing into cars from the hotel restaurant At issue is the sting meeting with sood the financier turned witness. The FBI agent. Christian Dawkins the wannabe goofy loser sports agent on the take. Tony bland and a guy named Elliot who is the family friend. The $5,000 is put on the table. Dawkins after an hour puts it in his pocket and is never seen giving it to Elliot or Elliot touching it. When they got in the car he shoved it between the seats. So based on the footage it definitely appears bland is screwed. Money was flowing. Dawkins is screwed. He took it. Melton? Not saying $$$ didn’t get to Elliot later but what people told the fbi was that Elliot got the money at the meeting. The fbi has said so. He clearly didn’t. The witnesses and the sting operatives were wrong. This casts doubt on the whole case against Melton because if they’re wrong about Elliot taking money in the meeting then they might and likely are wrong elsewhere. Melton’s attorney is killing Usc and the fbi in the papers If I am her I sleep with a gun. A German Shepherd and a guard w me at all times. Because she has just gone public in a big way and dressed down Usc and the fbi. Both of whom have powerful friends and could make her disappear
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