LaVar says "thank you for nothing"

By: Rodeo Trojan

UCLA and President Trump used influence to spring his son out of jail in China.

If it weren't for them, his son would be serving hard time in a Chinese prison, working in the prison industries that help make the

things we buy labeled  "made in China".

Instead he says that UCLA is "worse than China".

IMO good for UCLA for talking bac to LaVar.

It is better that LaVar takes is act somewhere else where  it is appreciated.

I hope he doesn't get the idea to enroll his son at USC, we don't need the "Baller family values".

Maybe LaVar will have his sone play for a Chinese professional team for a year, how  ironic that  would be.

LaVar, I hear that the Pyongyang Pinches and the Vladivostok Velocity are looking for basketball players, why not  have your

son play for them.

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