Jello and melo get clowned and turned down

By: Java

By a Lithuanian club basketball coach. Wow. They can’t find work anywhere. One day after he abruptly removed his middle son from the UCLA basketball team, LaVar Ball began trying to find a professional team interested in signing LiAngelo. Within hours came a sobering reminder that the options may be limited. Among the overseas clubs that a representative for the Ball family approached about signing 19-year-old LiAngelo and his 16-year-old younger brother LaMelo is Lietkabelis of the Lithuanian Basketball League, general manager Mantas Ignatavicius confirmed Tuesday to Yahoo Sports. Lietkabelis coach Arturs Stalbergs subsequently scoffed at the idea in a since-deleted tweet that poked fun at LiAngelo’s shoplifting arrest in China last month. “We have an opening at the security staff since they have an experience in this field,” Stalbergs wrote.
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