Part of the problem I read is that ball

By: Java

Is amazing in a fast break game. And if la could run fast breaks 50 Times a game that’d be great. But nba does a lot of half court sets and especially in the 4th quarter and crunch time. Ball is a terrible half court player because he’s too big to break anyone down off the dribble. Not big enough or thick enough to go over the top ornpost up like magic. Not a good enough shooter to stretch the d. And ranks 154 of 155 guard in finishing efficiency. Meaning points at the rim. Which at his size is embarrassing Means he doesn’t attack the rim when he goes there. What he does well is see angles. Passing lanes Small spaces. Things before they happen. At the nba level that’s best done in transition. I’n half court sets you have too many bodies Too many arms clogging too much space to make that perfect pass each time. So ball can’t create. Can’t penetrate. Can’t step out. Which means teams sag off him. Means I’m the point guard centered nba he’s an anomaly A ba handler who everyone is waiting to dump. And because he dumps so quickly even in half court sets? His team is effectively playing 4 on 5 I’m half court. So la pulls him in games where the pace is likely to slow
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