More about a fairness issue than how good

By: USC66

Melton is. The penalty he and the team are suffering seems to be much greater than his Punishment has been. It seems like he committed shop lifting but is being punished For murder. I am older than you. I have been suffering with USC basketball since Watching JOhn Block in the rat infested dump the old Sports Arena. I thought With Galen Center the curse would be broken. I was wrong. First th re was the Mayo Affair which lead to Floyd leaving who gave us my god KO which sent the Program back to the Dark Ages. Then we hire AE who I think has done a terrific Job only to be waylaid by theMelton affair and a ton of injuries. I guess it is time to Move on from Melton hope for some injured players to heal and do the best we can. If we can keep next years recruiting class we should be okay.
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