Body language was telling in H1 vs Akron

By: Torpedoman

Then Andy tore them a new ass at the half and they responded. It was like flipping the switch.. What was puzzling though was that they then came out vs MTSU the same lethargic way of just going through the motions. MT was wide open for the entire 1H also.. before we again flipped that switch. 

I wonder if thy're victims of reading their own press assessments? If they lax the defensive committment and the respect for our in the conference foes, they'll pay dearly for it.

I am really pissed that Melton has been forced out. Can you imagine McGloughlin's game if he could play off the ball more? I still think that this can be a deep team but they're going to have to really step it up... for most every minute of the remaining season.  

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