The alternative is these kids

By: Java

Have great measurable‘s. Great workouts. And based on that get drafted in the lottery. They then disappoint on the court. They’re not ready to play an 82 game season. they wind up bouncing around their first few years in the league from team to team. Then they go one of two directions. They either get it together and become valuable and people say hey where did this guy come from? Or after bouncing around from team to team they fade to black It just seems to me that the more time in college. The better your chances of actually getting a degree. And on top of that developing your game and your maturity. He nba does not value college guys and actually looks down on dudes who spend 3-4 years there. Thinking like a baseball analytics dude, that tells me that there are some seniors and juniors on the college scene who are severely under valued.
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