Apparently la also got Channing Frye

By: Java

Who I know nothing about beyond hisnarizona career. And a first rounder. Which will be at the bottom of the first round. Probably about 5th from the bottom. Of course it will keep getting better the more Cleveland sinks. I think he key to this for last is that it opens cap space. And reveals la to be liars when they said they’re looking at the 2019 class. This opens cap space this summer. Means they want James. Ugh. Mistake Clarkson makes sense. Back up guard Talented. But making too much money if he’s going to be a back up on a mediocre team. I regret nance. He’s a hard working role player who could wind up as a solid grinding starter. 15 year player. It does appear they got a first rounder and with that will be able to replace clarkson or nance. The money saved will buy them presumably a better player than either Does sound like a giveaway of two young talented players for a guy who will walk in 4 months
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