Usc basketball is tough to watch this year...

By: PasadenaTrojan

1) team plays better without boatwright. He’s poor defender, poor rebounder, doesn’t create for others and this year is a streaky shooter. He should come off bench and be a scoring 6th man. 2) Jordan is good player. He just can’t dominate as a 6’ player without elite hops or burst. Fades badly in clutch. 3) why not more iso’s With metu and Rad. Like 8 each a game! 4) reliance on 3’s with average shooterS like Matthews and Stewart and Jordan. Why we go cold so often. 5) Horrible last 5 minutes Of a game. That’s on coaching. We get hot we can make a sweet 16 run in tourney. We stay cold we won’t even make it. Tough season. ReAl tough last week. 0-3!
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