This is same NCAA that ripped...

By: PasadenaTrojan

usc football for 10 years because rb’s coach had 3 one minute conversations with the agent. Bush and coach confirmed he called McNair because bush’s phone’s battery was dying and they were at a team party together. The same NCAA that said THIS year That athletes getting a free A and not doing their homework or taking tests was ok because they argued OTHER students Could take class and receive unpermissable benefits too. This wasn’t an NCAA matter it’s a college accreditation matter. Smh. Such a pillar of integrity. The Same NCAA who said in 48 hours, Cam was eligible to play in sec championship game and national title game because he shouldn’t be penalized for something his Father did (ask for $200k) because the son had no idea what was happening. Trust me the verdict is in before the facts. Every time With this corrupt organization.
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