Sorry Spock not much more he could have

By: USC66

Done. I have maintained for years thst the real problem is not Scott but the moron Idiot school presidents who couldn’t even get a deal with Directv for the Pac12 Channel. They are the ones who head the most prestigious conference academically And athletically (the Big Ten is the only other conference in our class) and they should be The ones protesting not Scott. Do you really believe the NCAA is going to listen to Scott. You know and ai know USC not making either of the men’s or women’s Tournament had nothing to do with whether they deserved to be chosen. It has soley to Do with the power five conferences hatred and jealousy of USC. They simply Can not control themselves when they have the opportunity to do so. And if Pac12 wouldn’t lift a fingers in the Bush case do you really think they care a not Or iota if we get screwed in basketball too. The 11 dwarfs get more joy over a USC loss than ashen their school wins. When that idiot Colorado coach called Out USC and Enfield over the FBI investigation despite USC suspending Melton And doing everything right did the conference discipline him. Hell no. USC is All alone and will be . The cavalry ain’t coming. They tried to destroy USC Football and they failed. USC will be fine despite the NCAA dishonesty.
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