In many ways...

By: Waldorf's a lot like USC football, although USC football obviously fares better on a national basis.  But some of the similarities are there.  Top coaches don't really entertain the notion of coaching at USC.  Pete Carroll was a lower tier choice who obviously proved to be golden, but when was the last time USC hired a real home run coach?  You'd have to go back to probably Robo I, and that was over forty years ago.

The pressure is immense, the expectations are as high as possible, but the national media is not really on board.  West coast games don't get the airtime because they start so late, and everything seems to be an uphill battle.

Honestly, I'm still shocked that Ben Howland was able to do as well as he did. Had the AD had any balls, UCLA might have been able to get another NC banner to hang, but Howland wasn't nice enough for them.  

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