Texas Tech Win in Two words:

By: PasadenaTrojan

Size matters. Two much length 1-8...Purdue missing the North Pole in the middle clearly did not help. But regardless two 5 foot 10 point guards and the six one off guard against a team full of Scottie Pippen clones just wasn’t go to work . ESPN missed a lot a good basketball this year in the big 12 showing Trae Young every game versus some of these really good teams like Texas Tech . I can see why Kansas lost so many times in their conference this year. Man Texas text had some NBA bodies Didn’t they. I feel like the USC kids are good players but they have no size her shoulders to them like metu or Jordan or Rad specially that guy with the man bun on top of his head. Our boys need to get to the training table and grub. Purdue Choke they got beat by a better team.
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