Just stop the nonsense already

By: Lexo

It is all a sham. Just admit it and get it over already. Bringing up the same issue a la crate is either a sign of ignorance or selective outrage. I suspect you guys are educated on the issue of NCAA basketball and football so ignorant you are not, so why the selective concern. These kids are products that make NCAA member schools tons of money. Shoe companies even more money. They are getting paid one way of the over, expressing some faux outrage at the latest revelation doesn't make you smart, it makes you seem gullible. How did Baron Davis get that SUV at ucla? Oh yeah his sister bought it from the coach. How did his sister get the ucla gig? There was a kid from Ohio that played bb at USC Farmar or something like that. His brother was hired as team manager. lol Get over with the cam, legislate a payment system, and stop the farce.
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