March Madness recap...

By: PasadenaTrojan

Well I came out shooting 50%. The wins. Bet against the Pac reluctantly. We just don’t have the athletes that I saw others had IMO. Seemed to have played out. Thought Michigan had What it took to do well (5-6 scorers, good outside shooters, good PG’s) and they have produced. Staples was a home crowd feel for them. Impressive. I bet against the big 12 and was wrong. Just watched the Trae Young shoot around special this season and missed T- A and M, Texas tech and Kansas games. Man Texas tech had 4-5 Kobe body types out there. Long lean strong and athletic. They don’t shoot like him of course but defensively they were Impressive. The Texas a and M big Man was a beast. And Kansas didn’t choke. Wow, surprise. Florida state has the next deondre Jordan at center. He was huge and athletic. Players are getting bigger and stronger...go figure. Shooting seems worse but who knows.. I’m CONVINCED metu is not a 1st rounder. Hope im wrong but see a lot of guys bigger shouldered, just as tall and just as skilled. A ton. Man nba job must be tough 6’10” guys...he isn’t 7’ as stated IMO. Enfield has his work cut out for him. Lots of good programs out there. No wonder ucla, even with its history and being in LA, has only one title in 40 years. Villanova came in as a favorite and made it happen. Most dominating team of tourney so far. Impressive.
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