The Lakers are a mess

By: BuddyJ

I am not sure Magic is the right person to overcome the mess he inherited.  Ball after one season and Ingram after 2 seasons are still questionable talents.  It would horrific if Russell, Ingram and Ball all were whiffs.

All we can do is hope the Lakers can sign George and that Ball and Ingram show dramatic improvement next year.

That won't get them to being a contender but it gets them poised to move up significantly and would give fans legitimate hope.

I hope if the sign Lebron it is to a short term contract becuase moving to LA and playing in LA mean to mean Lebron, at best, will remain interestedin the game for only a few more years.  The Lakers can't afford another 4 year 30 million a year retirement  party for Lebron like they had for Kobe.


Their needs are:

Good defending and rebounding center.

Improved outside shooting.

A shut down defender on the perimeter.

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