Russell Westbrook is having a bad week

By: PasadenaTrojan

1. He looks like a dick when he wouldn’t endorse Harden for mvp who has Better stats and team record. 2. Addition of Carmelo and Paul George (two perennial all stars), the team improves win total from 47 wins to 48. So much for look what he would do With talent argument. 3. When Spaniard goes off yesterday with a triple double and leading his team to a pivotal win, Westbrook harnesses that ucla Education to say “I’m gonna stop that shit next game. Watch”. Douche. What happened to just Tip your cap and give a man his due and let your play do the talking? 4. His team has lost 2 of 3 here in opening round of playoffs. Why he shoots from beyond 12 feet is beyond me. He is terrible shooter except on mid range pull-ups and layups. Great athlete. Below average shooter. Play to your strengths..
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