By: Troy Story.

Curry is not underrated to be sure. But his shooting and passing are nearly umatched. Curry has been hurt the past two months. Give him time. Klay is underrated. He can do everything well, and is a little overlooked with Curry and Durant on the floor, better defender than those two also.

I can't stand Harden. No player gets away with more infractions than he does, especially travelling. One of the best one-on-one players ever I'll admit. That step back three is unguardable. But if you don't have to dribble to get to the rim it makes everything else much easier. Plus his attitude is a huge turnoff. I can't stand his f*cking beard and who-me-i-never-do-anything-wrong-face.

Durant is the 2nd best player in the league. Only he and Harden can get a shot off with a very good chance of going in whenever they want.

The Warriors play team ball, the Rockets get it to Harden and live or die with him dribbling and deciding what to do, often with little time on the clock. You obviously only watched game 2. Your opinion would be much different if based on game 1.

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