Better to hire a relative that

By: Old Hickory Trojan

has a superb record of coaching then to use a shoe company to get a in this article...

"Adidas is well known in recruiting circles to be the "bandit" company among college apparel sponsors. They were always very aggressive in steering players toward their sponsored schools and, as it's been made public now, cheated and paid players to do it.

UCLA fans should be wary of the FBI investigation eventually touching UCLA, which was one of the programs that adidas worked hardest to assist in recruiting. I'm not saying I have any evidence of adidas cheating for UCLA, but the investigation eventually touching UCLA, because of adidas, is a logical assumption. UCLA has gotten quite a few recruits from adidas AAU organizations, stemming all the way back to Ben Howland and certainly during Steve Alford’s tenure. In the last several recruiting classes, UCLA has benefitted from a relationship with the adidas-sponsored AAU organization, Compton Magic, as well as other adidas AAU teams across the country."

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