I think they might have because

By: Old Hickory Trojan

his reputation and performance in 11 years on the AAU circuit has attracted a lot of talent to his team. Once you get a certain reputation where kids want to come to your team to be coached and play...you have a lot of opportunities to move up where those connections you've made work for you and the trust you've develped work for you...and thats why the #! player in the state chose USC...and he wasn't one of Mobleys sons...in other words getting the #! player in the state may have been a bigger reason for the hire then his two sons which one won't be even avalable for another year...the man has connections throughout the AAU circuit...bigger reason then just his two kids to make this hire...there are a couple other guys looking at USC now and they are not related to Mobley either so he definitely is a guy that has the right connections to some pretty good players...

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