A gaffe for the ages.

By: Dr. Spock

Astounding.  People will be talking about Smith's blunder for a 100 years.  One of the biggest dumb-ass moves in sports history. 

I don't really care who wins this thing, but I feel sorry for Cleveland and LeBron.  Cleveland has always been a deep pit of utter despair, especially in sports so it's easy to feel sorry for the fans.   But LeBron had 51 points tonight?  I've always seen LeBron as a total me-first douche-bag but James is now the only guy to score over 50 in a Finals game and NOT win the game.  That's sad.

My Gawd, I actually feel sorry for LeBron James!  What a wicked, twisted, f*cked up world we live in for THAT to have happened.

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