Top priority is resign Julius Randle

By: Java

Figure a way to make it happen. Then either sign paul George or wait out the spurs till the price falls through the floor. Post free agency. This way you have a 23-24 year old Randle. A 26 year old Leonard and a 29 year old George. I don’t like the idea of a 4 year deal for a 34 year old guy. If you pursue James you probably don’t get him without George or Leonard. If you get Leonard it likely costs you half their youth and all draft picks James coming costs them Randle. Lakers are in this mess because they sold out their future before. I think the only way they get James is to get George and quick. If that doesn’t happen then quickly re sign Randle and then starve the spurs out with a reasonable offer of like ball and a 1. Or Ingram and hart
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