A guy that would work with this

By: Java

Roster but likely too expensive would be JJ Reddick


Lakers don't need a creator who can't shoot outside.  They need a spot up bomber.  And they can sacrifice athleticism and ball handling.


What irks me here is after Le Bron they could have gone after Clint Capela.    Cousins.    Thoase would have worked.  I get why Aaron Gordon's team scrambled because the Lakers looked his way.  


They could have re signed Julius Randle to have a banging center who can play fast and before they did sign Reddick.  OMG that would have been epic.  Lebron, Reddick, Randle, and then fill it in with Kuzma and Ingram.  Now I am not sure if anyone plays defense there but no one would ever stop them -lol


But my gosh.  Let Randle go.  Get NOTHING FOR HIM.  Cardinal sin.   Spurs don't do that.  They'd at LEAST have gotten draft picks out of it.  So Randle gone.


And Rondo?  ugh.  Stephenson?  Really.  Mac Ghee?  Combine that with Lavar Ball?  Does Le Bron just ENJOY terrible lock room chemistry?  Does he thrive on it?  Because the Lakers are gonna hate each other.  





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