Why did Magic make these moves?

By: coachemup!

ESPN/Bobby Marks: The first approach is to stay conservative. After James agreed to come aboard, we saw Lakers management begin the process of agreeing to one-year contracts with Kentavious Caldwell-PopeLance StephensonJaVale McGee and Rajon Rondo. With all four players on expiring deals, L.A. is projected to have $23 million in room in 2019, roughly $10 million below the max contract of a player like Kawhi Leonard. Trading or stretching the $18.8 million owed to Luol Deng next offseason would get the Lakers to a full max salary slot.

Kevin, as Paul George taught us, waiting until free agency to sign a player is not always the best option, even if means losing valuable assets in a trade.

Should the Lakers take that same approach with Leonard? Remember, they could sign him outright next year.

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