And everyone points to Paul George

By: Java

So what?  First, George is in an unusual situation facing 10 years where by staying in OKC he can turn that 4 years deal into a 6 year $290 million deal.  So cry me a river about how he REeallllllly wanted to be a Laker and reallllllly felt home with OKC and LA should ahve traded for him.  Poppycock.  Money talks.


So.  Leonard wants to come to LA in a year?  Cool.  Leonard doesnt want to come?  Great.  THey can go after Durant, who obvously has no problem gravy training or being second fiddle.  Can go after Klay Thompson, which I owuldn't want.  Leonard.  There are others too.  Each year from here on there are some amazing talents and with James with the Lakers they will attract some top guys.  If NOT, then in James 3-4 year they will attract someone wanting to take over when James leaves.

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