With all that said the snowflakes in

By: Old Hickory Trojan

NBA today can't handle a hard foul..how good do you think shooting would be if they got hammered with no calls like back in the day...and I hate to burst your bubble, but in his Prime nobody in the NBA today would have been able to stop Wilt...the big men in the NBA today are almost non existant...so I would argue they didn't need to pack the paint and I would bet there are not a whole lot of outisde shooting big forwards then Larry Bird....and I'd love ot see steph Curry guard Magic in his prime...of course the reverse could be said as well...on that one...but I don't get your take on shooters...lots of great shooters intheir day unfortunately they didn't get the advantage of three points on their outside shots..again the NBA doesn't play D, doesnt' beat players up and doesn't foul like they used to they've put an ivisible bubble around most of the stars...just call it the Michael Jordan rule.... 

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