Michael Cooper would tear up

By: Old Hickory Trojan

these shooters especially if the officiating let them play and didn't put an invisible shield around the stars..and I disagree that they play better defense...I dont consider matador D a better way to play...and they let guys drive the lane and score uncontested...that bullshet...that would have got the guy put on the floor with a trainer kneeling next to him...and if defenses are better designed all that means is the officials are not calling zones unless they changed those rules too since it was illegal...man to man was the vogue...with switching....anything less was a technical..sorry they don't play great man to man and they aren't smarter...nobody today would come near Kevin McHale and get an elbow in the mouth...its a more athletic league sure but the fundamentals are lacking and the game is not being played the way it used to be because todays primadonas couldn't handle it...

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