WTF is the matter with you..

By: Old Hickory Trojan

you want a simple good hire with no information on how it happened as a reference point....what do you expect from a guy that screwed up at least three hires and counting...I'll repeat it for you as well since I said it looks like a good a couple conference championships and get beyond the first round of the playoffs and it's a great hire ...but only good for now  for USC and he didn't go through a true search and true evaluation period ..just like he didn't with Kiffin, Sark or Helton...he hired the guy something like less then  two weeks after CAE got ousted from the tourney...and some of you have a BIG problem with me calling it a lucky hire....I would consider most hires when the coach turnes out good to great are lucky hires but some have a well thought out process with a search and evaluation...Korn Ferry was hired but they came up with Jamie Dixon and I was very happy with the CAE hire over Dixon ...his Pitt teams played gorilla ball just like those of his mentor...

"it looks like a good hire which separates him from at least two of his football hires...and of course his baseball hire."

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