The hire cannot be judged as very

By: Old Hickory Trojan

good until he wins at least a conference title IMHO ..I mentioned that it was USC that they had to convince a coach to take the job at...but I beleive it was a lucky hire and a good rationale

1.) Their was no time consuming search that earmaked Enfield.(he was hired very quickly within two weeks of his exits from the NCAA tourney) after the search commitee struck out

2.) There was no thorough evaluation of candidates ( Enfild popped up on the radar purely by chance with his tourney run)

Put thise two things together and I would call it luck for both Haden and Enfield..timing worked for both Haden had a need and Enfield was a hot commodity..the two came together at just the right time.. and let me repeat I think every hire at any school has a bit of luck involved to get a good and potentially great coach..Haden got lucky on this one it appears to me...and I don't think being lucky is a bad thing...I will give Haden credit for recognizing the need for a quick hire on a hot coach, wanting one that would run an entertaing offense to biggest complaint is he followed a similar pattern in hiring Kiffin (debateable if it was him or Garrett) hiring Sark and hiring Helton and taking the easy way out in re-hiring a loser baseball IMHO he got lucky on this one... 

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